#AzureAdventCalendar entry – Azure Data Factory

Azure Advent Calendar is a community event which consists of 75 videos over a span of 25 days, made by speakers all over the world; all super excited about #Azure! This is orchestrated by Gregor Suttie (Blog | Twitter) and Richard Hooper (Blog | Twitter), so the biggest of shout outs to them, and once again thanks for allowing me to participate!

Rather than sitting here and reading whatever boring text I have to give you, why don’t you check out the work of my fellow contributors (and perhaps even mine) over at YouTube and check out all the amazing content. Once you’re done there, make sure to head over to the website for the entire event to see what’s upcoming, and links to blog posts from the already available sessions!

If you don’t have time to view them all right now, let me give you my personal top three submissions so far, that are absolutely need-to-watch:

My submission is on Azure Data Factory, with a high level structural walkthrough of the service, and then some examples on design patterns when using ADF to move data, may it be between cloud datastores, or from On Premises to cloud. You can find this video here:

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